The below list has been created to support Learners studying the NEBDN National Diploma. The resources list should help towards your learning and development whilst training with a Centre.

NEBDN resources

How do I download the Maxexam app for my exam?

Please click App download instructions for guidance on how to download the Maxexam app.

Hardware Guidelines before exam

Hardware Guidelines and recommended requirements for downloading and running the MaxExam Exam App.

Computer Health Check before exam

If you’re preparing to take an exam on MaxExam using a computer or laptop, run through our Computer Health Check. This simple guide will help to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your exam.

Before the exam FAQs

Is there a dress code for the exam? 

Yes, NEBDN requires you to present yourself in ‘smart casual’ clothing for the OSCE, something you would wear to an interview. Please note, you should not wear your clinical uniform. 

Where should I be doing my exam?

In a quiet and clear working environment where you are comfortable to take your examination without being disturbed – this can be at home or in the workplace, however you must use the same device that you used in your preparation session.

Do I need to do anything else in preparation for my exam?

No, providing you have downloaded the exam app, completed the tutorial and read and understood all guidance given.

Do I need to download the exam app again before the exam?

It is important that you use the same device for the exam that was used during the preparation session. The app will still be on your computer/laptop for the exam. You will only need to download the app once onto your device.

How do I get back into the app for the exam?

The app is automatically downloaded onto your desktop. It will remain there from your practice session. You will need to double click on the app icon which will look similar to the image below.

Once you have double clicked on the app it will automatically open the login page. Your login details can be found on the emails sent by

What time will the exam be?

Learner information packs have been sent to Centres with the timetable for your exam. If you are unaware of the start time please contact you Centre directly.

Do I need to make sure my laptop is plugged into a power source for the exam?

Yes, you will need to ensure your laptop is plugged into a power source so that it does not lose battery power during the exam.

Do I need to do the tutorial again?

You are not required to do the tutorial again. However, it will be available for you to revisit at any time up until 30 minutes before the exam start time.

My login details are not working, what should I do?

Please carefully read the email with your login details and try to re-type in the ID’s given. Please note that the exam ID, user ID and password are case sensitive. If the login details do not work after several attempts, please contact the team on

During the exam FAQs

What happens if my laptop shuts down during the exam?

It’s very important that you ensure any updates are done ahead of your exam and that your laptop always remains charged, otherwise you may be deferred to the next exam series.

If your laptop shuts down due to low battery or software updates, please connect your charger and wait for the updates to finish. You must then log back in to the Maxexam app and continue your exam. Please note, if your laptop doesn’t turn back on within 5 minutes, please call our Assessment and Awards team on 01772 429917.

What happens if I lose internet connection when completing the workbook?
If you lose internet connection during your exam please do not panic!

Internet connection is required at the beginning and end of the examination. If your internet connection is lost during the exam please continue to answer the questions as normal as the data will still be recorded in the application. Usually after a few minutes your internet connection should reconnect without intervention. If you cannot submit your assessment at the end of your exam you will receive the following error message:

Click Retry once and if the connection is not successful click Exit. You will then need to reconnect your internet and log back into the exam app. Upon logging in to the app it will automatically submit your assessment.

Can I go back and complete the tutorial after I have started the exam?
Once you have started the exam you will be unable to go back and see the tutorial.

Can I have a pen and paper with me during the exam?
Yes, Learners are permitted to use a pen and paper during the examination to make notes.

How will I know how much time I have left?
In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, the time remaining in the exam will start to count down as soon as you click START.

How do I finish the exam and submit my answers?
Once you have finished the exam and are ready to submit your assessment you will need to click on the MENU button. This can be found at the bottom of the screen in the middle. Once you click this you will be given several options. To submit your exam, you will need to click the top button which is FINISH EXAM.

Will NEBDN be there to help me on the day if something goes wrong?

Don’t panic! We will have a dedicated team available for you to contact on 01772 429917.

Important information regarding deferrals and fees for 2021/22


  • We no longer offer clerical checks for any of our exams, as any previous margin for human error in the marking of these has now been removed by the Maxinity auto-marking system.
  • From June 2021 onwards, we will also withdraw the offer of the paid-for Candidate Performance Reports. We are now working towards giving Learners more feedback about their performance specific to areas of the curriculum – free of charge, as part of their results information. Further updates will be given later this year.
  • Appeals – we will continue to offer Appeals to those who have been unsuccessful in their exams, following our Appeals policy. There continues to be a £50 charge for Appeals, however if the Appeal is upheld by NEBDN, the £50 will be refunded so it is not a barrier to fairness.


To not disadvantage Learners whose time in practice has been affected by COVID-19, we have made the decision to offer free deferrals for the entire business year (up to and including January 2022). Starting from April 2021, all deferral paperwork will need to be submitted four weeks prior to the exam date. Any deferrals requests after this will be charged a resit fee.

This decision will be made by Centres and their Learners. NEBDN don’t have any say in which Learners defer. If you have any questions about this, please speak to your Centre directly and they will discuss if you are ready to sit your exam.

When will I receive my certificate?

Our team continue to operate business as usual for certificates following exams.

NEBDN has agreed with the General Dental Council that for this examination you will not need the physical certificate to apply to join the register. The GDC are aware of all Learners who are eligible to apply for registration.

When applying, please ensure you are using the enhanced checklist in the application to make sure that all the requirements have been met.

How to choose a Centre?

NEBDN accredit a number of Centre Delivery Sites across the UK and Ireland. The courses and Centres vary greatly and choosing one to suit you can prove complex. The course provider tips document provides key points to consider when choosing the Centre that is right for you.

Charting booklet

Please download here.


You can find our curriculum/syllabus schedule here.

Examination guidance for Learners

Please click here for exam guidance

Sample MCQ

Click here for sample MCQ

Sample EMQ

Click here for sample EMQ

Sample written paper

Click here for sample written paper.

Sample OSCE

Click here for sample OSCE

Example MCQ answer sheet

Click here for example MCQ answer sheet

Example EMQ answer sheet

Click here for example EMQ answer sheet

GDC resources

GDC Preparing for practice: dental team learning outcomes for registration

Please click here for guidance

GDC Standards for the Dental Team

Please click here for guidance

GDC Advice for dental professionals on raising concerns

Please click here for guidance

GDC Information for patients treated by Learners

Please click here for guidance

GDC Professional duty of candour

Please click here for guidance

GDC Standards for education

Please click here for guidance

GDC Guidance on using social media

Please click here for guidance

GDC student professionalism and fitness to practice - guidance for students

Please click here for guidance

Continuous Professional Development - enhanced CPD

Please click here for guidance