Becoming an NEBDN Accredited Provider

Would you like to join us as an Accredited Provider? 

If you are interested in working with us and delivering an NEBDN qualification, then you will need to meet our Accreditation Standards. We will guide you through the Accreditation Application process in order to complete the Standards and in the sections below we have provided some information that you many find useful before applying. 

Why Choose NEBDN? 

  • The only Awarding Organisation in the UK dedicated to providing qualifications for Dental Nurses 
  • Our nationally recognised Diploma is a gateway to General Dental Council (GDC) registration for Dental Nurses 
  • Employer recognised Post-Registration qualifications for professional development 
  • Dedicated GDC-registered Quality Assurance Auditor assigned to you for support and guidance 
  • Feature on our ‘Provider search’ website function so you can be easily found by potential Learners
  • No minimum spend or minimum registrations 
  • Approved Providers can apply to deliver further qualifications at no additional cost 
  • Access to free Provider workshops and forums 
  • No hidden costs – NEBDN’s registration fees include online portfolios of evidence for all qualifications, quality assurance activity and exam entry 
  • Dedicated Engagement Manager to guide you step by step through your application 

How to get started  

If you have a general enquiry, or already an NEBDN Accredited Provider and wish to apply to deliver further qualifications, please contact our Accreditation Team: 

To view our list of Fees and Charges, please visit TheHub, or email the Accreditation team.

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Before you start to make your application for Accreditation, please ensure you are ready to provide the following information (more information for each of these can be found below): 

  • Your permanent address (which must be based in the UK or Ireland) 
  • Details of the Qualification(s) you wish to deliver and the method 
  • An estimated number of Learners you plan to recruit for each qualification 
  • Your company number 
  • Details of qualifications and experience of your Tutors/Moderators 
  • Appropriate arrangements, policies, and procedures

If you have all of the above and are ready to apply, then please contact our Accreditation Team via our online application form.

For more information on the above list, select from menu below. 

Your permanent address in the UK or Ireland

NEBDN only work with Providers that have a permanent address in the UK or Ireland. This permanent address is responsible for all quality assurance arrangements.

Do you know what qualification(s) you wish to deliver and method?

NEBDN currently has nine qualifications available for accreditation from our nationally recognised Diploma in Dental Nursing and NEBDN Apprenticeship, through to Post-Registration specialist qualifications.  

The National Diploma in Dental Nursing is our flagship qualification and the gateway to General Dental Council (GDC) registration for Dental Nurses. We pride ourselves in giving Dental Nurses the opportunity, through accredited Providers to gain the foundations of their clinical knowledge, skills and personal attributes 

Alternatively, the NEBDN Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing (integrated Apprenticeship) (RQF) is another training route for Dental Nurses. As per the requirements of the Dental Nurse Assessment Plan AP05, End-Point Assessment for the Apprenticeship is integrated into the qualification. Through government Apprenticeship funding, Employers can now offer a fully funded training package, removing the need for trainees to financially contribute to their course.

In addition to the National Diploma, we also offer a range of Post-Registration specialist qualifications to provide professional development to those who are already GDC registered: 

  • Dental Implant Nursing 
  • Dental Radiography 
  • Dental Sedation Nursing 
  • Oral Health Education 
  • Orthodontic Dental Nursing 
  • Special Care Dental Nursing 
  • Fluoride Varnish Application 

To explore these qualifications further, please click hereNEBDN is also keen to know which delivery method you will be offering these courses in, for example face to face, online or blended learning.  

An estimated number of Learners you plan to recruit to each qualification

NEBDN will need to assess if you have the resources in place to support your ambitions as a Provider and meet our Accreditation Standards. You may want to consider the following: 

  • How will you recruit Learners? 
  • What are you plans for these recruitment methods? 
  • Is there demand in your area for the qualification you are interested in gaining accreditation in?  
  • Will your delivery method and resources be adequate in accommodating the demand?  

Your company number

NEBDN will need to confirm that you are an established company and will perform a credit check on all enquiries prior to the application stage. 


Details of qualifications and experience of your Tutors/Moderators

You will need at least one Tutor and one Internal Moderator for the delivery of your qualification(s). For details regarding Tutor and Internal Moderator roles, please click here. 

Appropriate arrangements, policies, and procedures

You will be required to have arrangements, policies, and procedures in place that support delivery of qualifications and ensure your governance arrangements are robust. Further details on our requirements can be requested via email: 

Please note, to achieve and maintain NEBDN accreditation, Providers must meet the criteria that underpins our Standards for Accreditation and provides evidence to demonstrate this. The Standards take into consideration the GDC Standards for Education that Providers are expected to meet for training programmes to be accepted for registration. 

How to apply?

To start your Accreditation Application, click here

SmileWisdom Academy of Dentistry & Dental Nursing

"As a Provider with accreditations to run the Dental Nursing Diploma and several of the post qualification courses, we have found working with the NEBDN team very easy and extremely efficient. When dealing with issues or concerns especially during exam periods, NEBDN has always helped to achieve the best outcome for our Learners and SmileWisdom Academy. They respond promptly and efficiently and try their best to resolve any queries. Learners also receive prompt replies to queries and questions."