How do I become an Examiner/Helper?

NEBDN recruit associates twice a year. Details on associate positions are listed below as well as how to apply.

Our associates are appointed for a three-year term with an option to extend their services after this period.

If you wish to be considered for any future roles, please email your interest to where your data will be stored on file for 12 months.

During our recruitment drives (twice a year), you will be automatically added to our mailing list where you will be able to complete an application form. All positions are paid for by NEBDN and reviewed on a regular basis. 

*Please note NEBDN operates across the UK with its head office based in the North West of England.

Our Associate Positions


Helpers are an essential part of the OSCE examination team. You will report to the Super Coordinator and undertake a specific role or a variety of tasks; each of which makes an important contribution to the examination process.


The role of an Examiner is fundamental. Examiners are responsible for the objective, accurate, fair and consistent marking of candidates’ performance in a practical assessment which determines eligibility for General Dental Council registration. As an Examiner you are allocated to an OSCE station and may be asked to mark a different station if examining over two days. Alternatively, you may be responsible for marking at one or more ‘unstaffed’ stations.

Supervising Examiner

The Supervising Examiner has a key role in the OSCE examination team and one which is intended to provide support to the Presiding Examiner. There are 10 OSCE stations in operation continuously throughout the examination day and it’s not possible for a Presiding Examiner to manage the entire process alone. Therefore, we allocate a support team of one Supervising Examiner and a Super Coordinator, to each examination centre to assist with running a successful OSCE.

Super Co-ordinator

As a Super Coordinator you are responsible for examination logistics and your role will be varied. You will work closely with NEBDN’s head office assessment and awards team and with your allocated examination centre in the lead up to the OSCEs.

Presiding Examiner

The Presiding Examiner has overall responsibility for an OSCE centre on examination day. This is a vital role throughout the whole process of running an OSCE including the lead up planning, examination days and providing valuable feedback to the Diploma Committee as part of our continuous improvement strategy. You will work closely with NEBDN’s head office assessment and awards team and with your allocated Super Coordinator in the lead up to the OSCEs.