Tutors and Internal Moderators 

Tutors are responsible for: 

  • The delivery of the theoretical aspects of the curriculum in conjunction with the underpinning knowledge and skills required for students to successfully complete the Record of Experience (RoE) or Record of Competence (RoC) for the qualification being delivered. 
  • Supporting and preparing students for their written examinations, and where applicable the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). There is no exam for the Fluoride Varnish Application qualification. 
  • Providing constructive feedback of the students RoE or RoC 
  • Completing 1-1 review sessions with the students on a quarterly basis 
  • Maintaining accurate student records 
  • Tutors must ensure students present their RoC or RoE in a timely manner in line with the Course Providers target dates for completion.  
  • Tutors can be responsible for the design, delivery and implementation of the theoretical elements of the curriculum. 

Internal Moderators are responsible for: 

  • Moderating the RoE/RoC in line with the Course Provider’s sampling strategy, Quality Management System and Quality Process 
  • Providing the Tutors with both positive and developmental feedback and support following internal moderation of the RoE/RoC 
  • Internal Moderation must be consistent, fair and without discrimination.