Mandatory Witness Training for NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing

Candidates undertaking training towards NEBDN’s National Diploma in Dental Nursing are required to complete a work based assessment portfolio called the Record of Experience (RoE).

Included in the RoE are a number of tasks based on the role of a qualified dental nurse. Candidates need to complete these tasks in the workplace whilst being observed by a GDC registrant who acts as a ‘Witness’.

In order to ensure trainee dental nurses complete the workplace tasks within the RoE to a satisfactory standard, all witnesses observing the clinical activities must receive a documented, standardised level of training to ensure they are fully aware of their role and responsibilities. This is a mandatory requirement for all GDC registered professionals, acting as witnesses to any students working towards the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing qualification.

If you or any of your team is involved in assessing candidates in your workplace you must complete the training programme, otherwise your candidate(s) will not have their RoE validated by their Course Provider. Once your candidate is registered with NEBDN and has access to their eRoE, they will be able to send an e-invitation via the system to their chosen witness(es) who should then complete the witness training programme.


Please take a look at our FAQ's section dealing with eRoE and Witness Training.

If you are having trouble accessing or using the Witness Training Programme, please refer to the user guide. If this does not resolve the issue please email the support team.