Integrated Apprenticeship

What is the NEBDN Integrated Apprenticeship? 

NEBDN provide a range of qualifications to support the development of Dental Nurses within the clinical setting, including the NEBDN Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing (integrated Apprenticeship) (RQF). As per the requirements of the Dental Nurse Assessment Plan AP05, End-Point Assessment for the Apprenticeship is integrated into the qualification. This means that in order to achieve the qualification and Apprenticeship, the Learner must pass assessments that meet both the on-programme and End-Point Assessment (EPA) requirements of the qualification.

NEBDN offering an Apprenticeship product provides two types of training routes to qualification and General Dental Council registration, the Apprenticeship as one product and the National Diploma as the other. Through government Apprenticeship funding, Employers can now offer a fully funded training package, removing the need for trainees to financially contribute to their course.

For more information, please click the link to the Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Information Pack here.



Apprenticeship queries

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a paid job where the employee learns and gains valuable experiences.

Alongside on-the-job training, Learners spend at least 20% of their working hours completing classroom-based learning with a College, University or Training Provider which leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

An Apprenticeship includes:

  • Paid employment with holiday leave
  • Hands-on-experience in a sector/role of interest
  • At least 20% off-the-job training
  • Formal assessment which leads to a nationally recognised qualification

Why offer an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships help employee retention and retrain current employees. Apprenticeships aren’t only suitable for bringing in new employees. They’re also ideal for upskilling or retraining existing employees – of any age, and at any level. The important thing is that the apprentice will develop new skills to help them succeed.

Why choose us as your Awarding Organisation?  

  • The only EPAO dedicated to Dental Nurse education
  • Free resources for Tutors and Learners
  • Fully online assessment method
  • Provider support role to guide through programme delivery
  • Free attendance to NEBDN’s conference and workshops

What is the potential benefit to Employers?

  • Allows Employers to train new and existing Staff
  • Recruit and Retain Staff
  • Allows Employers to be more competitive
  • Provides recognised pathways for training
  • Cost-effective way to provide training
  • Shows the Employer values equality and diversity
  • Apprenticeship funding

There are some useful links for employers to understand Apprenticeships and employers requirements below:

Apprenticeships (

Recruiting an apprentice (

How do I find a Provider?

A list of our Providers can be found on our Provider search function by inputting your postcode or searching via qualification. Please visit our Provider Search page.

How much time does a Learner spend doing off-the-job training?

A Learner must spend at least 20% of their time completing off-the-job training – but the style, location and timing of training varies. It can be delivered in a way that suits you and your Training Provider, allowing your Learner to learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for their role. The off-the-job training requirements are detailed within the funding rules below:

Apprenticeship funding rules – GOV.UK (

What is the Assessment Approach?

The Apprenticeship is assessed by:

Pre-Gateway Assessments (on-programme assessments):

  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Knowledge Test

Post-Gateway Assessments:

  • End-Point Assessment (Structured Clinical Assessment)

To achieve the qualification and Apprenticeship, the Learner must pass the above assessments that meet both the on-programme and End-Point Assessment (EPA) requirements of the qualification.

Please note: English and Maths at Level 2 is a requirement for the Apprenticeship, these must also be evidenced at the point of Gateway.  It may be that the Learner has already achieved these prior to commencing their Apprenticeship, or they are undertaking them alongside the Dental Nurse qualification. 

What is End-Point Assessment? 

For more information on what EPA is please visit our dedicated page here.

How do I become an NEBDN Apprenticeship Provider?

If you are interested in working with us and delivering an NEBDN qualification, then you will need to meet our Accreditation Standards. We will guide you through the Accreditation Application process in order to complete the Standards. Further information can be found on our dedicated page here