Diploma in Dental Nursing

The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is a General Dental Council (GDC) recognised dental nursing qualification which covers all outcomes described within the GDC Preparing to Practice document.

The purpose of the qualification is to prepare trainee dental nurses in the foundations of dental nursing, so they can demonstrate the highest standards in terms of knowledge, skills and professional attributes.

The skills you will gain upon completion of the qualification are described within the extensive curriculum under the domains of Clinical, Communication, Professionalism and Management and Leadership.

The qualification comprises of a formative workplace assessment – the Record of Experience, which enables the workplace team to become an integral part of the training of the trainee dental nurse.

The summative assessment comprises a written and practical component aimed at assessing knowledge and decision making to demonstrate trainee dental nurses’ understanding and competence. The summative assessment also adheres to current educational best practice.

The result is a qualification that we’re proud of – one which enhances teamwork within the dental practice and gives peace of mind to both trainee and dental practice that they have completed a robust qualification and can look forward to a fulfilling career within the dental profession.

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