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Trustees have overall responsibility for the organisation and work closely with the Chief Executive to ensure that NEBDN complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations. In addition to this, trustees working for the Board:

•Actively contribute to the Board’s role in giving strategic direction to NEBDN, setting overall and defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.

• Safeguard the good name and values of NEBDN

• Ensure the effective and efficient administration of NEBDN

• Ensure the financial stability of NEBDN

• Appoint the Chief Executive and monitoring his / her performance

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Become an Examiner

We are seeking to recruit new members to our panel of Examiners to deliver the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing examination.

As part of the approach to the assessment of Dental Nurses we provide an OSCE (exam).

To become an Examiner, you must:

  • Be registered with the General Dental Council
  • Be currently practicing as a Dental Care Professional or Dentist
  • Have two years’ experience since qualification
  • Be well organised and able to maintain high quality standards
  • Be passionate about Dental Nurse education and helping people reach their full potential.
  • Be involved in dental nurse training or assessing either within the workplace or at a training course

Becoming an Examiner will help you to:

  • Improve your personal development and professional status
  • Develop your skills and understanding of Dental Nurse Education and training
  • Gain verifiable CPD through ongoing support and training
  • Network with other professionals
  • Be involved in improving Dental Nurse education

If you have any further queries, please email us at 

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Become a Committee member

There are a number of different committees operating within NEBDN, all of which support the governance and management of the organisation. Committee duties range from ratifying examination results to quality assuring NEBDN’s activities, while other committees support the Board of Trustees strategically.

The vast majority of our committees are made up of volunteers from NEBDN’s panel of examiners.

If you would like to apply please email

Join our Question Writing Team

Our experienced volunteer question writers develop and write multiple choice questions and extended matching questions for NEBDN examinations. If you are dentally qualified, willing to commit some time to writing and reviewing questions and are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please get in touch with us at