General enquiries

Now that I have qualified, how do I register with the GDC?

In order to register with the General Dental Council (GDC), you must have successfully completed and passed a GDC recognised course, such as the NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing.

To apply for registration click here, or telephone the General Dental Council on 0845 222 4141


Is there a Provider in my area?

Please refer to our Provider search function

Becoming a Provider

NEBDN recognises the following teaching certificates:
Preparing to Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 3 & 4 available – note the preferred one is Level 4
Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Award in Education Levels 3, 4 and 5
Postgraduate Certificate in Education

If you are the lead tutor you must ensure that the teaching programme you choose to undertake includes the following:
Producing a scheme of work
Producing lesson plans
Formatting assessment methods

If you are interested in becoming a Centre Delivery Site, click here.

Why do Providers charge different fees?

As part of our vision to be the leading provider in Dental Nurse education, we believe individuals all learn differently, which is why courses are offered in more ways than one, for example, face to face, online, or blended learning. Our wide network of Centre Delivery Sites aim to offer a range of options for all our qualifications, so please contact them to find out more about the options available. You can find their details on our Centre Search Function and enquire with them directly.

Witness Guidance Toolkit

I am going to act as a Witness for a trainee Dental Nurse, what do I need to do?

To act as a Witness for a trainee Dental Nurse completing their RoE, you will need to follow our Witness Guidance Toolkit, which can be found here.

Certificates & Badges

I have lost my badge. Can I order a new one?

Yes, you can. Please go to the Order Forms section of our website and select the relevant badge order form. There is a charge for this service.

I have lost my qualification certificate. How do I get a replacement?

Please go to the Order Forms section of our website and select the relevant order form. There is a charge for this service.

My badge has broken, can I get a free replacement?

It depends on the age of the badge. If your badge is faulty, we can replace it free of charge up to three months after the purchase date. After that there will be a charge. If your badge is faulty, please return it to us with a covering letter.

If you need to purchase a new badge, please see our Order Forms section for the relevant order form.

Can I buy a badge from NEBDN if my qualification is from elsewhere?

We can only issue NEBDN badges to Learners who have been awarded one of our qualifications.

Change of Personal Details

I have changed address, what should I do?

Please email or write to our postal address as soon as possible. Requests to change your personal details must be in writing.

I have recently got married/divorced, how can I change my details?

Please email or write to us at our postal address. We will need evidence of your name change, such as a copy of your marriage certificate.

I have changed my name since I received my certificate, can I get a certificate in my new name?

We can issue you with a new certificate in a different name, as long as you provide proof of the change e.g. deed of name change, marriage certificate, and complete the replacement certificate form.

My name is spelt incorrectly on my certificate, can I have a new certificate?

Your certificate is issued in the name that you registered with. If your certificate does not match our records, we will re-issue a new certificate free of charge. However, if your name is spelt incorrectly on our records and it has not been corrected by you or your Centre, for example when you have received previous correspondence from us, there will be a charge to re-issue a new certificate, please refer to the Order Forms section for the fee. In this case, you should write to us at our postal address including the payment and proof of the correct spelling of your name, such as a copy of your passport, driving licence or some other form of identification.


How many CPD hours can I get for my qualification?

Please contact your Centre. CPD certificates are not issued by NEBDN for any of our qualifications.

Where can I find details of exam fees?

Provider fees for exams or course tuition will differ pending which Provider you select and the training method chosen. As your contract is with the Provider themselves, they will charge you directly for any exam or administration fees to NEBDN. For a list of Provider fees, please visit their website or visit our Provider Search page.

For a list of NEBDN product and service fees such as badge/certificate replacement, click here.

Can I get my exam result over the phone?

We will email you with your exam results. We are unable to provide this information by telephone due to issues around Learner identification and confidentiality.

What date is my exam?

Go to the qualifications section and select the relevant qualification. You will find details under ‘Exam Schedule’.

When will I receive my exam result and certificate?

Our team continue to operate business as usual for sending exam results and certificates following exams.

If you have any questions about when you will receive your results/certificate, please speak to your Centre provider or check our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter @NEBDN.

I have failed my exam but there must be a mistake as I always perform well at work. Can I appeal my result?

Please refer to our Appeals Policy in the Policies & Forms section.

I do not have any photo ID, can I still take my exam?

All Learners must present an acceptable form of photo ID in order to register at their examination. If you do not have an acceptable form of photo ID you will not be able to take your exam.
NEBDN only accepts the following forms of valid photographic identification which must be in date:
– Passport
– Photographic driving licence (including provisional licence)
– Armed forces identity card
– Citizen card
– Workplace issued identity card
– SMART card
– Electoral identity card
– NUS (National Union of Students) photographic identity card
– University or College photographic identity cards
– Validate UK ID card PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme)
– ID card (i.e. Young Scot, OneID4U)
– Biometric Residence Permit or Residence Card

I am ill and cannot take my exam, what shall I do?

Please contact us at your earliest opportunity and we will advise you further.

Can I eat food or drink in my examination?

As a general rule, Learners are only allowed a bottle of water in their examinations.

Should you have a medical condition which may require you to have food or drink available to you, please make an application for a Reasonable Adjustment (to your examination) at your earliest opportunity – refer to the Reasonable Adjustments policy under Policies & Forms.

Can I have access to past examination papers?

Past examination papers are currently not available from NEBDN but your Centre should run mock exams and/or provide revision papers.

Can I transfer to the next examination?

Please contact your Centre directly and they will discuss your options with you.

I have a specific learning difficulty, what support can I get for my examination?

Please refer to our Reasonable Adjustments Policy under the Policies & Forms section.

Why have I not received my exam result?

Exam results are sent to Learners’ email addresses by the published date. Centres are issued with a list of their Learner’s results at the same time. If your exam result has not yet arrived, it’s likely to have went into your junk mail. If you haven’t received it after checking, please email   

Do I have to wear my clinical uniform for my examination?

You do not have to wear your clinical uniform to any of our examinations.

NEBDN requires you to present yourself in ‘smart casual’ clothing for exams, something you would wear to an interview.

Record of Experience (RoE) and Record of Competence (RoC)

What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is our online learning platform where you will work on your Record of Experience (RoE) or Record of Competence (RoC), depending on the qualification you are completing. The key features of PebblePad can be found here.

Can I order an RoE/RoC directly with NEBDN?

Once you have enrolled with one of our accredited Centre Delivery Sites, they will apply for the RoE/RoC on your behalf. 

Can I create my own account for the RoE/RoC on PebblePad?

Your Centre will register your details with us first and NEBDN will then create your account in PebblePad. 

You must be enrolled with an accredited Centre who will order the RoE on your behalf. 

When will I receive my login details for the RoE/RoC?

Once your Centre provider has registered your details with NEBDNyour PebblePad log in will arrive within 28 days to the email address you have provided. 

I haven't received my login email and it's been longer than 28 days since it was submitted to NEBDN, what should I do?

Please check your inbox, as well as your junk and spam email folders. If it has still not been received, please then contact your Centre who will follow this up with NEBDN.

Where can I find help in the PebblePad system?

Your Centre will be able to support you with this and there is also a help portal on PebblePad which you can access, once you have logged in. 

Once we have received your registration form from your Centre provider, we will process your application within 28 days and you will receive an email containing your login details. 

I am having problems completing the content of my RoE/RoC, what should I do?

Please contact your Centre who will be able to offer guidance to you. 

Please contact your Centre for support to complete your RoE. The RoE Learner User Guide available on the online programme may also be of help. If you have a technical query, please refer this to your Centre who will report the issue to us. 

I am having technical problems with the PebblePad system, what should I do?

Please contact us via and we will investigate this for you.