What is an Associate?

An Associate is a member of a team who collaborate together to ensure that the examination process of the organisation is as smooth as possible. In this instance, as an Associate Examiner or Associate Helper for NEBDN, you are helping to support us with the delivery of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination, known as the (OSCE) for our Learners. Our OSCEs are delivered online at present and our Associate Examiners and Associate Helpers are still a vital aspect of the examination delivery.

Why do we need Associates?

NEBDN Associates play an important role in supporting the successful delivery of our Dental Nurse OSCE examinations.

The knowledge from our Associates is paramount to ensuring we are providing the most up to date techniques and consistency throughout the delivery of our examinations.

NEBDN rely on Associate Examiners and Associate Helpers throughout the year, which is why our priority is to engage with you and keep you informed. We think it’s important to share with you the value of your work and the positive affects this has on Learners and the successful progression and future of NEBDN.

What positions are available?

To apply or review our Associate positions, click here

Presiding Examiner Testimonial - K.R

"I've been an examiner for NEBDN for 14 years. I've seen it evolve from the old-style exam/spotter and viva to the Diploma and the OSCE style setting which is more like a dental surgery setting. The reason I became an examiner is that I enjoy teaching and wanted to give back to a profession that has been very good to me. I have been a Presiding Examiner for 5 years now, my role is to ensure the smooth running of the OCSEs on examination day. They are busy days making sure that everything runs like clockwork, everyone is happy and comfortable and that we are all giving the same standard and quality to all the candidates that pass through. It has helped me to become more passionate about dental nurse training and I've also taken a place on the NEBDN Diploma Committee, writing OSCE settings and training new examiners for NEBDN. Dentistry is an ever-changing profession and I hope with my work for NEBDN, we can forge ahead with training and nurturing the future of Dental Nursing."