Mary Donnelly


Mary started her nursing career at the local Teaching hospital in Medicine and more recently in Interventional Radiology. She studied at the University of Central Lancashire, achieving a Diploma in Nursing Practice in 1993 and my Nurse Practitioner degree in 2008. This led to a career of 30 years working as an autonomous nurse specialist and in several senior nursing roles within Radiology and Pathology, culminating in Matron in Division for Diagnostic and Clinical Support. Mary’s responsibilities included setting quality standards, ensuring patient safety, and supporting staff development. She was involved nationally in the continuing education for Interventional Radiology nursing developing educational platforms in my role as Chair for British Society of Interventional Radiology, creating specialist nursing and radiographic courses and presenting nationally and internationally. Her passion is delivering consistently high standards in patient care and supporting staff to be the best they can be to achieve this collective goal.