December 21, 2023

Earlier this year we opened our annual Special Recognition Awards (SRAs) for individuals or a group who had a major impact on Dental Nursing developments, Dental Nursing
education and training, or general operations and developments for NEBDN.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise four worthy recipients of NEBDN’s Special Recognition Awards for 2023. These awards are allocated across four categories, and we were delighted with the responses including the new group category.

-Contribution to Dental Nursing Developments

-Contribution to Dental Nursing Education and Training

-Group contribution to Dental Nurse Education and Development

-Contribution to General Operations and Development of NEBDN

Following a shortlist, we are excited to announce the winners of the 2023 SRAs are:

Award Winner – Contribution to Dental Nursing Developments – Verne Rice

Verne is a tutor at Nascot Dental Team Training – an accredited NEBDN Provider, and Verne is an SRA winner for two years in a row! Verne first started Dental Nursing over 35 years ago, gaining her NEBDN qualification in 1992, working for the same clinician for 25 years. In her role she always enjoyed training new staff and overseeing work experience Learners. In 2016, Verne completed her Level 3 diploma in Teacher Training then progressing to graduate with a Teaching degree and became Head Tutor at Nascot Dental Team Training in 2018. She enjoys watching her Learners grow and develop into many career paths such as Dentists, Hygienists, Orthodontic Therapists, Practice Manager, or becoming self-employed locums running their own businesses. Verne is passionate about teaching, believing every Learner should be the centre of everything and Learning should be a fun, innovative learning experience. She is looking forward to nurturing, supporting the next generation of Dental Nurses.


Award Winner – Contribution to Dental Nursing Education and Training – Cristina Burtila

Cristina is a Director at NLDC Ltd. – an accredited NEBDN Provider. Cristina has been with NLDC for nine years. Cristina continuously showcases the day-to-day activities and challenges Dental Nurses face in their work. She promotes and supports ongoing education and training opportunities for Dental Nurses to enhance their skills and stay updated on industry advancements.  By implementing these strategies, Cristina contributes to raising awareness about the Dental Nurse profession and encourages individuals to pursue this rewarding career path.


Award Winner – Group contribution to Dental Nurse Education and Development – Forward Academic

Forward Academic is an NEBDN Provider. Forward Academic delivers courses ensuring that aspiring Dental Nurses across the UK have access to quality education and training aligned with NEBDN standards. The support from instructors was commended by Learners, with prompt responses to queries and valuable guidance throughout the learning process. The team work to equip Learners with the necessary knowledge and resources to succeed in NEBDN exams and embark on a rewarding career in Dental Nursing.


Award Winner – Contribution to General Operations and Development of NEBDN – Rebecca Cox

Rebecca has worked as a Dental Nurse for over 25 years and has supported NEBDN for many years in an Associate Examiner since 2018 as a Trustee of the Board and on the Governance and Education & Standards Committees.  She has volunteered her time supporting the Head Office team with interviewing, induction and training Examiners and has stepped up to support on any developments in assessment, happily testing new processes as a registered Dental Nurse herself.

During the pandemic she remained positive and supportive of the project to move to online assessments and she actively embraced the introduction of technology to help facilitate the exams. All of this, whilst working in the front line for the NHS during the pandemic. She is a great advocate for the profession, a fantastic example of a career driven Dental Nurse and she upholds the NEBDN Vision and Values.


Thank you to all who nominated. All winners will receive their award in 2024. 

Written by
Jade Monori