October 15, 2021

Do you know someone who has made a major impact on the
▪ Contribution to Dental Nursing developments
▪ Contribution to Dental Nursing education and training
▪ Contribution to general operations and development of NEBDN

If you do, then please join us in nominating someone for a Special Recognition Award!

What is a Special Recognition Award?
NEBDN developed the Special Recognition Awards to reflect and recognise the
significant contributions made by individuals to NEBDN and to Dental Nursing. The award may recognise a specific single achievement (e.g. for a specific project) or achievements over a significant period of time (e.g. a significant contribution for a number of years).

Criteria for selection:
To be considered for a Special Recognition Award, an individual will need to have worked across the following areas: working in patient care, oral health, member of NEBDN Board, or given more than five years’ service as an NEBDN Associate (Examiner, Helper, Qualification Committee, Subject Matter Expert).

How to nominate?
Please send your SRA nomination form 2021 to: SRA@nebdn.org

Closing date for nominations is 31 October 2021

Written by
Jade Monori