October 26, 2020

NEBDN is supporting its course providers by sharing monthly articles named ‘Crowning Courses’, to highlight the Post-Registration qualifications on offer for accreditation. The articles are also useful for qualified dental nurses wanting to progress their careers, or those thinking of becoming a course provider wanting to know more about the qualifications we offer and how the course syllabus works.

This month’s Crowning Courses article features our new Fluoride Varnish qualification, launching 1 November 2020!

The course at a glance

NEBDN course providers offering the Fluoride Varnish qualification can support qualified dental nurses in the progression of their Post-Registration journey.

The new qualification acts as a natural progression for those who have undertaken NEBDN’s Oral Health Education (OHE) qualification, or it can be taken as a stand-alone course without having to hold the OHE qualification prior to registration.

The course content

Information on our Fluoride Varnish qualification or syllabus will be released on our website 1 November following the launch date.

Exam schedule – no exam

This is the first NEBDN qualification that is Record of Competence based only, with on-demand registration and award on achievement; allowing course providers and students to work to their own schedule. (Course provider timescales may differ for completion of the RoC.)

Success stats

• New vocational qualification
• Online portfolio RoC based only
• No written exam
• On-demand registration and award on achievement – no need to work around NEBDN’s schedule
• £95 course fee to NEBDN (other Post-Registration qualifications are £195)
• No accreditation fee for existing course providers (£500 for new applicants)
• Featured on our course provider search list
• Currently, we have 6 course providers offering this course following our trial qualification success

As an awarding organisation, NEBDN offer the most Post-Registration qualifications across the UK in Radiography, Implant, Sedation, Oral Health, Orthodontics, Special Care and Fluoride Varnish. Offering a wider range of qualifications provides flexibility for course providers wanting to expand and grow their businesses, as it allows students to stay within the same course provider practice when moving on to another area of dental nursing.

Process for accreditation

For more information, or to apply for accreditation, please contact the accreditation team at accreditation@nebdn.org or telephone us on 01772 429917.

Benefit of choosing an NEBDN accredited course

• NEBDN’s long-standing reputation outweighs many competitors, with over 75 years of providing dental nursing qualifications in both pre-registration and post-registration areas.
• Our primary qualification is recognised by a regulatory body, and as a registered charity we don’t charge any hidden fees or incentives, because our vision is to support the education and development of dental nurses in the UK.
• All candidates who successfully pass their qualifications are awarded certificates of completion as opposed to certificates of attendance which are of different relevance.
• Holding accreditation for delivery of qualifications indicates that the standards for education, policies, process and procedures in place, highlight an effective quality management system which is the core foundation of a course provider.
• An accredited qualification could be more favourable with employers who are aware of the standards required to achieve qualification.


  • Accreditation fee for existing course providers – no charge
  • Accreditation fee for new course providers £500
  • Course fee to us £95* per candidate

*Additional fees to students may apply, subject to each course provider policy and course schedule

Where can this qualification take me?

A qualified dental nurse who completes the qualification in Fluoride Varnish Application provides dental nurses with an educational experience in knowledge, critical understanding, intellectual skills, practical skills and personal attitude. This will enable them to provide effective fluoride varnish application within a community-based programme and/or on prescription from an appropriately qualified Dental Care Professional, or as part of a specific patient structured dental health programme.

How do I register my interest?

If you are a student wanting to take the NEBDN qualification in Fluoride Varnish Application, please share your interest with your course provider who can email us for accreditation details.

Written by
Jade Monori