August 5, 2020

Following on from a successful online written examination for the National Diploma in July, we are now working to offer online exams for the next set of 2020 Post-Registration and National Diploma qualifications. This includes the September Post-Registration exams, upcoming online OSCE and the November Diploma written exam.

Online exam dates:
• Post-Registration exams will take place on 11 September 2020
• National Diploma OSCEs will take place over multiple dates as follows: 18, 19, 25 and 26 September 2020
• National Diploma written exam will take place on 7 November 2020

We will shortly be sharing further information with course providers and candidates about;
• How this will operate
• Technical requirements
• Details regarding the opportunity for candidates to test the system in advance of the exam

Record of Competence (RoC)
For candidates due to sit Post-Registration exams in September 2020, we have previously communicated the extended deadline to course providers to return the completed RoC paperwork to NEBDN as 28 February 2021. This will mean that achievement of the qualification will now rely on when we receive the completed RoC, following a pass in the September exam.

Record of Experience (RoE)
For candidates due to sit the Diploma written exam in November 2020, we have previously communicated the extended deadline to course providers to return the completed RoE paperwork to NEBDN as 31 December 2020. Candidates that need more time completing their RoE due to exceptional circumstances should speak to their course provider to discuss the options. This is to ensure that candidates stand the best chance of being prepared for the OSCE examination.

We acknowledge that at the moment times are uncertain, and candidates may struggle to complete their RoE/RoC. Therefore, we have agreed to waive the deferral fee for any candidates who need to defer their examination from the Post-Registration September 2020 exams or National Diploma November 2020 exam. If you wish to defer your exam, please speak to your course provider.

Any further queries must be discussed directly with your course provider, as NEBDN is not able to advise on personal issues or matters. Your course provider will be able to support you further and we wish all our candidates the best of luck in their upcoming exams!

Written by
Jade Monori