NEBDN’s new appointment with Lindsay

June 6, 2019

We are pleased to have Lindsay Price join us as our Head of Strategy and Innovation. Lindsay recently joined us in May after working for an awarding body.

Q. Tell us what you did prior to working at NEBDN?
Having had little to no career advice at school I decided to do a Law degree as I thought that would make me a lot of money! I graduated from Northumbria University with an LLB specialising in Commercial Law and completed my Legal Practice Course; despite realising early on that Law was not for me.

I got a job as a Wedding and Events Coordinator at the iconic Midland hotel in Morecambe, working my way up to Head of Sales and Events.

“If anyone thinks the world of wedding coordination is glamorous, I can safely say it is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done, weddings have the tendency to make people go a little crazy.”

I was then promoted within the company to Deputy General Manager at the Waterhead Hotel in Ambleside, where I spent three years working with a fantastic team in a stunning location, learning a lot about people management (both staff and customers).

Following this I ventured into a completely new sector, transferring my commercial skills to the education sector to work for Ascentis an awarding organisation. I worked there for almost five years starting off as Sales and Marketing Manager and rising to Head of Sales and Marketing where I looked after a large commercial team with an income budget of around £5million.

Q. Why did you want to join our team at NEBDN?
Everything about the role really excited me. I could tell that NEBDN was an organisation that really wanted to grow and diversify and that it had so much potential to work with to expand and innovate. I felt that I could bring my skills, experience and enthusiasm to really add value to the team.

Q. Was there a particular reason you wanted to work in Education?
My initial reason for joining the education sector was to instil a commercial culture into an educationally-focused organisation, however I quickly became passionate about the difference that education can make to people’s lives, whether you are four or 64. So many people are unaware of the educational opportunities that could be available to them if they knew where to look, I believe we really need to work hard to raise awareness of the opportunities people have to upskill themselves.

Q. What are your strategies or innovative ideas for NEBDN over the coming year?
We have some exciting projects coming up in the next 12 months which I’m pleased to be part of. We are currently working on our entire IT infrastructure to ensure we can provide the systems both internally and externally that support our ambitions. A huge priority is to raise the profile of the student nursing profession, working with our candidates, providers, employers, schools and alumni to promote dental nursing as an exciting and dynamic career choice for both men and women.

Q. And just for fun, if you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose and why?
Definitely flying – I live to go on holiday and it would save me a fortune in flights!

Lindsay Price - Head of Strategy and Innovation

Written by
Jade Monori