December 17, 2021

We are pleased to share some of the exciting developments we have made over the last few months, and to confirm some decisions that have been made for future exams. 


Firstly, it has been agreed that in addition to continuing to deliver our written examinations online through MaxExam, we will continue to deliver our OSCE examinations in an online format! This will be reviewed (late 2023) to ensure it is still fulfilling its requirements. After careful evaluation, we are confident this method is valid, reliable, secure and allows us to assess trainees, regardless of the factors we have experienced recently, including the continuing pandemic, changing government guidelines, extreme weather conditions and travel disruption. 


NEBDN is constantly working to improve its products and services, and we have invested in some significant developments to increase benefits to both our Centres and our Learners. The launch of the digital Record of Experience and Record of Competence on PebblePad in 2020 was a significant step forward for NEBDN and we are continuing to work with PebblePad to develop the platform further and to provide improved reporting for Centres. And we are delighted that our CRM system, TheHub, is now fully implemented, meaning more efficient processes and a huge step towards our ambition of becoming a paperless organisation. 


2022 will include more exciting developments such as offering all successful Learners electronic certificates (e-certificates), meaning that Learners do not need to wait for a paper copy to show to employers or the GDC for registration purposes, nor do they need to apply to NEBDN for replacement certificates if they are misplaced, and for all post-registration exams from March 2022 onwards, all successful Learners will receive a free qualification badge as part of their exam fee.


Thank you to all our Centres and Learners for their continued support.



Written by
Jade Monori