June 18, 2019

NEBDN are supporting trainee and qualified dental nurses, by hosting monthly recruitment articles written by dental professionals from different sectors. Janice talks to us about life in the Royal Navy and the job opportunities available.

I am Chief Petty Officer Janice Hearne. I joined the Royal Navy (RN) in 2002 as a Dental Nurse. Over the last 17 years’ life as a RN dental nurse has far exceeded my expectations, from the variety of the roles, additional qualifications, travel prospects, and finally the friends I have made along the way. My Naval journey has taken me to 29 different countries, across five continents, on board six ships. I spent time with the Royal Air Force in Cyprus and Kenya with the Army, and had the privilege to live in Gibraltar for two years.

I have provided chairside support in some unusual places, from a tent to orphanages in Kenya, from Olympic athletes in 2012 to Friendly Forces in the Northern Arabian Gulf.

I have developed from a Dental Nurse – Instructor – Practice Manager – Regional Practice Manager – Career Manager.

During my time working chairside, I enhanced my professional knowledge by becoming a mentor for student dental nurses. This led to an opportunity to work as a Dental Nurse Instructor, an aspiration I would not have had the courage to achieve if I had never joined the RN.

While working at the Dental Training School I became an Examiner for Dental Nurses. I firmly believe that the RN provided me with the experience, confidence and knowledge depth to be successful with my application. I continue to work with NEBDN and enjoy the energy given off by the candidates on examination day.

I am also extremely lucky to work as a Specialist Advisor for the Care Quality Commission. This role links directly to the Healthcare Governance, Health and Safety, Infection Control, Patient Safety and Medical Emergency skills taught to RN dental nurses throughout our career progression.

As a member of the Dental Identification Team (Forensics) we aim provide closure to families who have lost a loved one. This job is very rewarding. The RN has opened avenues of dental nursing for me that I never knew existed and I am grateful every day for taking that step into the careers office and choosing the RN.

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Written by
Jade Monori