Why Choose NEBDN?

The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) has been synonymous with awarding dental nursing qualifications for over 70 years. Of course, time moves on and none of our original founders are still around but the current NEBDN Board and Head Office team are just as passionate about improving the education and training of dental nurses and other dental care professionals. 

So, what makes us unique?

Well, in this case ‘small is beautiful’ as the saying goes. We specialise in dental nursing education and training and we have an employed team of just 13 people so while our service is professional, it’s also personalised and we care about what we do. 

But, appearances can also be deceptive…our achievements aren’t so small!

We operate across the United Kingdom with a network of around 250 accredited course providers. We’re supported by a panel of examiners and committee members made up of the whole dental team and totalling over 400, all of whom volunteer their time and expertise to give something back to the dental profession.

We’re committed to research. As the needs of the dental team continue to develop, particularly around direct access and CPD requirements, NEBDN is conducting a number of research projects which will not only define the needs of the market from a career development point of view but will ensure NEBDN continues to provide high quality assessments across a range of activities relevant to dental nurses now and in the future.  

Our National Diploma in Dental Nursing is widely regarded as the leading qualification in its field and part 2 of the examination – the practical element (OSCE) – is unique to NEBDN in terms of dental nursing qualifications. In fact, while OSCEs are commonly used in other clinical examinations, we understand that the NEBDN OSCE may well be the largest of its kind in Europe!

Put simply, we want to be the awarding body of choice for your dental nurses.  How can we help? Explore our website or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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