Routes to training

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Routes to training
There are three main routes to becoming a dental nurse; (a) finding employment (or a placement) and a course provider, (b) finding a course provider who arranges placements for you or (c) applying for a full time course at a dental teaching hospital.

a.    The vast majority of qualified Dental Nurses will have come through this route. You will need to find employment (or a placement) as a trainee dental nurse in a dental practice. Once you have employment you can start to look for a training place with a course provider. In the majority of cases your employer will be able to recommend a course provider as they may have used them before. Don’t worry if the course does not start for a few months you can keep your employment as a trainee for up to two years.
b.  All students must be either in employment or in a clinical environment prior to starting the NEBDN programme. Any student who is not in employment or in a clinical environment will not be considered a NEBDN candidate and cannot access the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing programme through our course providers.Find one of our accredited course providers If you wish to sit the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing at the end of your training then you must ensure your course provider is on the accredited list.
c.    Dental teaching hospitals provide all the training and clinical experience in one place but full time places are limited. Check that the teaching hospital you have selected is one of our accredited course providers and contact them regarding their application process.

Entry Requirements
There are no formal entry requirements to the examination but candidates should have a good command of the English Language. Some course providers may have course entry requirements and it is best to check with them individually.