NEBDN donates dental books to Dentaid to send onto Kenya.

Wanting to make use of some old dental books, NEBDN asked Dentaid if any of their overseas contacts could make use of these books.

They are now on their way over to Kenya in their DentaidBox where they will be donated to an outreach clinic and given to dental students along with other equipment sent from Dentaid to aid their studies and training.

NEBDN Chief Executive, Phil Hughes said, "We came across some dental reference books when we were having a bit of an office tidy up recently and wanted to donate them to a worthy cause. We conacted Dentaid and they were only too happy to recive them and send them onto Kenya as they knew of a boy in Kenya who lives at his school as he sadly lost his mother to a dental infection after dental surgery.  He now wants to become a dentist and speaks English so once they arrive at the outreach clinic, they will send a list of the books to his school to see if he would like any of them to help with his studies."