Accreditation standards

The Accreditation Standards outline the criteria that our course providers are required to meet in order to be an accredited centre.

The criteria are supported by guidance that more fully explains each of the statements. The guidance is designed to help course providers fully understand the criteria and hence consider them in the design and development of their programme(s). This also helps prospective course providers to understand the evidence that must be submitted through the accreditation process.

The NEBDN accreditation standards are set out in nine sections:

1.    Programme Content and Design 
2.    Recruitment 
3.    Teaching and Learning 
4.    Record of Experience 
5.    Assessment 
6.    Student Support 
7.    Resources 
8.    Personnel Management 
9.    Quality Assurance

The Standards take into consideration the GDC Standards for Education that course providers are expected to meet in order for training programmes to be accepted for registration. These are:

•    Standard one - protecting patients 
•    Standard two - quality evaluation and review of the programme 
•    Standard three - student assessment. 

To order an Accreditation Enquiry Pack, contact the Quality Assurance Team at or telephone us on 01772 429917